Posted by: bazmewafa | 03/30/2015

રાષ્ટ્ર નિર્માણનું હિંદુત્વ બીજગણિત…..ગુજરાત ટુડે

Beejganitniemoeller-mini• Born: January 14, 1892, Lippstadt, Germany
• Died: March 6, 1984, Wiesbaden, Germany

niemollerThis statement attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller, has become a legendary expression of the Holocaust. Ironically, Niemöller had delivered antisemitic sermons early in the Nazi regime. He later opposed Hitler and was sent to Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps. Near the end of the war, he narrowly escaped execution.

Martin Niemöller

After the war, Niemöller emerged from prison to preach the words that began this post, that all of us know… He was instrumental in producing the “Stuttgart Confession of Guilt”, in which the German Protestant churches formally accepted guilt for their complicity in allowing the suffering which Hitler’s reign caused to occur. In 1961, he was elected as one of the six presidents of the World Council of Churches, the ecumenical body of the Protestant faiths.
Niemöller emerged also as an adamant pacifist and advocate of reconciliation. He actively sought out contacts in Eastern Europe, and traveled to Moscow in 1952 and North Vietnam in 1967. He received the Lenin Peace Prize in 1967, and the West German Grand Cross of Merit in 1971. Martin Niemöller died in Wiesbaden, West Germany on March 6, 1984, at the age of 92. [EB]


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