Posted by: bazmewafa | 01/30/2009

ફૂટી ગયા—આઈ.ડી.બેકાર(મર્હુમ)


ફૂટી ગયા—આઈ.ડી.બેકાર





  1. Ibrahim Dadabhai Bekar, the greatest HAZALKAR of his time-
    I wish M.Wafa would give brief history of this Hazalkar and his tremendious & valuable contribution to the Gujarati litrature by way of his Hazals & his publications “Patel Mitra” and “Insaan” and Establishing “Gujarati Gazal Mandal” in those days when some people did not want to accept “Gazal-Hazal” as part of Gujarati poetry.Look at the progress ! I believe recently “Gazal Vidyapith(University) has come into existance in BhavNagar-Gujarat-India.
    Siraj Patel “Paguthanvi”
    Secretary- Gujarati Writers’Guild-UK

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