Posted by: bazmewafa | 03/27/2008

ઈદે મિલાદુન્નંબી




ઈદે મિલાદુન્નંબી ના મુબારક પ્રસંગે સુંદર નાત(પ્રશસ્તિ ગીત) સાંભળો.

 shahe madina ( NAAT ) ORIGNAL

 shahe madina ( NAAT ) MUHAMMAD RAFI  

shahe madina ( NAAT )  Mohammed Rafi – 013 – Shah’e Madina, Sarwar’e Aalam  

Mohammed Rafi – Naat – 05  shahe madinah  

shahe madina ( NAAT ) ORIGNAL  

 Mohammed Rafi – Naat 06 – Jab cheer ke deikhoge  

 Alhaaj Khursheed Ahmed : Shahe Madina   shahe madina ( NAAT )  

 Shah-e-Madina by Amjad Ali Qadri – M87 

 Mohammed Rafi – 011 – Mere Aaqa mere Sarkar  

Shah-e-Madina –

 Shahe Madina – Naat – – Qasrab 

 shahe madina   

Shah e Madina


  1. Eid Mubarak Ho …. !!

    nice one i think this is related to
    natiya ….. as on ptv they show
    natiya competition ………

  2. i like ur gazals too. as i don’t know urdo more … but i want to learn urdu, so may i get any dictionery urdu to hindi or gujarati from anywhere ? congratulations to u for so good gazals etc.

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